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VBA Link howto connect

Posted on 16th of February 2005 09:33:03 PM // Category: GBA // posted by : xAix - GBXemu.com

gameboy vba link cale

Last time we were wondering how can we connect 2 gba emulator to each other so we can trade up pokemon, play multiplayer and stuff.

TGB Dual had done it during the GBC Era however it wasn't that much of a success on internet multiplayer.

VBA Link Emu Help

After a long wait finally VBA Link brought it to reality. Now we can link GBA games with each other either thru LAN or thru your own computer. Here's my experience trying to connect two emulator together.

Start your VBA Link and then click the following for One Computer Connection :

restart emulator 2x

Don't bother about the log feature. If you have it running it will just slow down the process of connecting. Uncheck it. Restart, and run 2 instances side by side of your emulator. Then check that both emulator had these (Pause when inactive window) feature unchecked ! So that you wont get synchronization error when you play multiple gba link games.

pause inactive vba link

Now remember you have to use the same Visualboyadvance.exe emulator or else the link wont work. I've tried running it 2 separated folder and the link just wont connect. Its ok if you do a LAN based game using 2 separate Visualboyadvance.exe (will show you later), but if you're connecting on the same pc you got to use the same Visualboyadvance.exe and run 2 instance of it.

Next you have to configure keys for each of your visual boy advance. Make sure the first instance of emulator had Default Joypad 1 and the 2nd emulator have Default Joypad 2. Make sure you configure the keys for Joypad 1 and Joypad 2 because by default no keys are bind for Joypad 2. So you have to configure it by clicking on the configure section.

joypad setup vba

Now you're ready to load up the rom and start linking. Open your favorite rom you want to link and run on each emulator. I tried using Advance Wars for the linking of the game:

advance wars multiplayer xaix gboy

The connection was made successfully. You may see some choppy display on the 2nd emulator side but as long as one of the emulator is saying press START then you're fine ;) once its connected you can enjoy playing the game with your friend. So simple ! Next ill show you how to play this over the internet or LAN.

Its not much difference than the previous instruction. The set joypad and set no pause settings must be done also. But this time its on both computer. You can run different Visualboyadvance.exe (obviously) because its 2 different computer but you have to also have a middle man that runs the server. So one of you people must run this server Vbaserver.exe. XP will not allow it to run however you can unblock it when the popup warning comes out. Don't worry just unblock it wont harm your computer. It's just saying that the program needs an open socket to connect to the TCP/IP. Once its running get the IP Address and pass it to the person on the other side. The trick here is to get everyone connected on the server then only the Link feature in the game works. As previously the server program is not needed because its runs the same 2 Visualboyadvance.exe. This time because on a LAN its two different computer so you have to connect to the server first.

vbaserver unblock winxp

Once the server is running ... then you have to connect each Visualboyadvance.exe to the server. Here's how to do it. Go to the link section like previous but this tim select LAN. Then restart your emulator like previously and the enter the IP address and connect to the server. You'll see that the server will change status to Player #1 connected. And once player 2 is connected. A popup window saying Connected will appear. Once you're connected then run the rom as usual. You're already in the link environment already ;) just imagine that getting connected its like having plugged in the multiplayer cable to your gameboy ;) its that simple

vba link server connected

Now load your rom and enjoy the game ! :) hopefully this will work over the internet as well i haven't tried it yet but I'm sure it will work because its using TCP/IP. Anymore question just email us. Read the FAQ First however.

Note that this guide was written for the VBALink version 1.72 and settings have changed a little in v 1.8 b. So to run Gameboy Multiplayer according to this HowTo download VBALink172 !

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