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VBA Link Emulator Help

VBA Link Emu Help
  • Start two (three, four) Advance VisualBoys at once. This is done by entering the program over and over again.
    set the same number for all the screens. ( I suggest 11000).
  • In VBA Options/Emulator, uncheck Pause when inactive window

    vba link pause inactive
    (Don't forget to do this for all 4 emulators you have started. )

  • You don't have to turn off the sound like in TGB Dual - only the active VBA produces sound
  • In options setup all the things, like controls, save paths & so on.

    vbalink configure joypad

  • If you want a log of the transfer, check Log in Options/Link

    timout settings visual boy advance link cable

  • New! When playing Zelda: Four Swords, you have to set Timeout in Options/Link to above 10000 or below 200 (these values worked for me) - anything in between might make the game not link.
  • If you want to use save files, you must rename them - the save file extension for VBA #1 is .sa1
    (e.g. Pokemon Ruby.sa1), for #2 .sa2 etc. (the same is true for save states - #1 has .sg1 etc.) - another solution is to import them, that works too.
  • Enjoy!

VBA Link LAN setup instructions New!

How to open ZIP files / Compressed archives

  • In windows XP you can open zip files as if they were directories. If you don't have XP - Download WinZIP
  • Need something better than WinZIP? Can't Open RAR or ARJ files? Download PowerArchiver that has support for ZIP, 7-Zip, CAB, TAR, GZIP, BZIP2, RAR, ACE and many more formats

Default keys (can be edited in the Options menu)

Arrow keys - direction
Z - Button A
X - Button B
A - Button L
S - Button R
Enter - Start
Backspace - Select
Speedup - Space
Capture - F12

You can change the configuration above to use a joystick. Go to
Options ->Joypad ->Configuration.. menu.

The 1 thorough 4 Joypad allow you to have different settings which can be
easily switched.

Gameboy Advance Emulator Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I set see the Link in the options, but nothing works.
A: Single emulator can not link to itself. To get a link working, bring up 2-4 different vbalink emulator screens.

Q: The link in game XY doesn't work.
A: It probably uses another transfer mode. There are five of them, but VBALink emulates only one so far.

Q: What are the system requirements of VBALink?
A: They're the same as for VBA - that means pretty high. The slowest computer I successfully traded Pokemon on was a 333MHz - it ran at about 25% speed.

Q: How can I find the changed or added lines in the source files?
A: Just search for Link (whole word), I think I wrote it everywhere I changed something. Or, as Xedecimal said, you can use a merge application.

Q: What shall I do with the files - win32.cpp, gba.cpp, link.cpp ....etc.... ?
A: These are source files , and normal people don't need them at all. Just download the executable file .

Q: After the link ends, the game freezes for about 1 second.
A: It's normal. This happens due to the way the link emulation works and it does nothing bad.

Q: Pokemon LeafGreen& FireRed GBA rom - The msg that i keep getting is that i need to exchange the backup memory when i attempt to go to the trade center.
A: For Pokemon roms you must change save type to 128k.

Q: I don't see the 'Link' option in the 'Option' menu, what is the problem ?
A: This probably means that the version you are using is inferior to 1.7.2. Download the latest version and this problems should be fixed. Also, be sure that you have no language packs installed.

Q: When I try to play a game, the link doesn't work, what is happening ?
A: In most cases, that is a timeout situation. Playing in the timeout option should fix the problem. Raising the timeout time might be a good idea. In other cases, the games might change the connection type or data transmission type and could cause many types of errors, mostly compatiblity errors.

Q: I am able to link the connections, but after a while I get disconnected...
A: This also happens in a lot of situation. They are mostly timeout. Again, playing with the timeout might fix the problem, but not always.

Q: I use a Router/Firewall, which ports should I open/foward ?
A: You should forward ports 6478 to 6480 to avoid any confusions.

(And some more Help / FAQ compiled by ikarius)

Q: I got everything to work just fine, but it is incredibly slow through the internet, what's wrong ?
A: GBA wasn't meant for internet transmission, so the data transfer rates are very high (evaluated to an average of 2 mbs / s). LAN supports from 10 to 100 mbs/s and in some cases much higher. Except if you and your friends has T1, you will definitly experience lag in some games. Playing with the timeout might affect it, but in rare cases. Mostly it's a problem that can be fixed by the developpers of VBALink
which would instore to create a certain data compression, but this ain't easy to do, so it might take sometimes.

Q: I don't use VBA Link LAN, but I am trying to play on the same computer, but it lags...
A: Your system might not be fast enough to support more than one emulator running at the same time. Unfortunatly, there is no way to correct this, except getting a new system.

Q: Does VBALink supports multiplayer GB/GBC games ?
A: No. Not in the current version, but eventually it might be possible.

Q: Zelda: Four Swords doesn't work for me, is there anything wrong ?
A: No. Four Swords uses another type of connection that might work for some people but they will still experience much problems with it. VBA Link doesn`t support Four Swords yet. Please be patient over this game.

Q: How do I get (insert game name here) to work ?
A: We actually can't say how every games work. You should take a look on the VBALink forums in the 'Working' and 'Not Working' sections.

Q: Can you make (insert game name here) to work ?
A: The developpers of VBA Link are working hard to make it work as better as it can. Actually emulating multiplayer like this is very hard. We have some objective, but we cannot take every single requests. Be assured that more compatibility will be made in the future.

Q: Is there any ways to get in contact with people to play ?
A: There is IRC where you can meet other players to play and also ikarius is working over a front-end that will allow to people to meet online and be able to organize games, just like zbattle.net.

How to compile

First thing. Most of you don't need this. Just download the executable file. 1.6a
It's easy enough. Just replace GBA.cpp in the src directory, Win32.cpp and Reg.cpp in the src/Win32 directory, and add Link.cpp and Link.h to the project. If you have version 1.6a, it should compile without any errors (at least it did in VC++ 6).
There's one parameter, LINKLOG, if you #define it in Link.h, the emulator will produce a vbalog.txt file with a log of the transfer.

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